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At Enter Ethiopia, we follow stringent policies and procedures to ensure that your property is listed correctly along all the required information and catching the attention it deserves.

Although listing a property is a simple procedure, there are a number of necessary factors for marketing it properly. In order to avoid having your listing appear with multiple brokerage firms, we strongly suggest it to be registered only with three firms. Listing your property with multiple brokers can reduce its true value of your property. You might think that it is alright to have your property listed with as much brokers as possible to gather a lot of interest from tenants; however in a dynamic market you must ensure that your broker supplies you with the right information. At Enter Ethiopia, we collect all the relevant documents and make sure we have your approval in order to list your property.

We will qualify all the enquiries and ensure that we don’t waste your time with unnecessary phone calls and viewings.

Our clients come from widely recognized sources of online Media and our advertisement. We work closely with Corporate Organizations, relocation companies and of course the End User.

We passionately believe that our success is based on our clients’ success.

We know what it takes to attract the right Tenants to your property. You don’t have to commit to us until you are sure about it.

Tell us about your property and we’ll have one of our specialists contact you back immediately.

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